Utorak, 26 Oktobar 2021.
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KLUB 100P plus has been founded in October 2003, as nonpolitical, nongovernmental and nonprofit association of farmers in Republic of Serbia based in Novi Sad, capitol of Vojvodina. It has over 1200 members of family farms, but includes also associate members, like traders, banks, NGO etc.

Associate members are:

  • Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade.
  • Faculty of Agriculture, Novi Sad.
  • Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad.
  • Agricultural Extension Service of Autonomous Province Vojvodina.
  • Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of Serbia.
  • Secretariat of Agriculture of AP Vojvodina.

Practically, KLUB 100P plus presents quadruple helix, and is real cluster.

The Activity of the KLUB 100P plus

The aims and activity of the association are:

  • Professional training and education of agricultural producers – farmers.

  • Exchange of professional and other information and experiences.

  • Motivation, help and performing the expert and scientific-research work in the field of agriculture.

  • Motivation and the organization of the exchange scientific-expert knowledge in the fields of agriculture and further

  • Affirmation of environment protection measurements

  • Forming the bank of information in the field of agricultural

  • Saving and affirmation of agricultural inheritance

  • Improvement of living conditions in rural areas and Eco-tourism

  • To represent farmers interests before the State, its government and other institutions

  • Taking attitude about work of: banks, cooperatives, trade company’s, manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment, pesticides, mineral compost, fuels and machine oils, seed producers, food industries, professional services and other institutions who are having lots of influence on the farmers productivities

It’s aims and task the society will realize through:

  • Organizing expert and professional trainings for the farmers, such as: seminars, workshops etc. The most important is Winter Seminar, with more than 400 participants. Duration of one week.

  • Work out professional – expert projects which are important for successful business of farmers

  • Making choice of most favorable offers for basic equipment and materials for agricultural production.

  • Organizing special days: field events, flowers day, day of agri mechanization, review of cattle’s, expositions of the home made agricultural products etc. Most significant is summer field event with exhibition of agricultural machinery and present them in work.

  • Affirmation of agricultural and Eco tourism.

  • Organizing competitions in handling agricultural machines and equipment, arrangements of villages and houses etc.

  • Support and organize establishment of cooperation between farmers and R&D institutions and enterprises, Open Innovation.

  • Cooperation with university and other agricultural organizations in the state and abroad

  • Publishing its own publications, books and magazines of popular, expert and scientific character. Most important is the journal Agronomska Revija (Agronomic Review), four to six issue per year.

  • Initiating organizing excursions inland and abroad. Special are visits of international fairs, like Agritechnica, Germany, EIMA, Italy, SIMA, France, and advanced farmers inland and in other countries.

  • WEB portal agroplus.rs.

International cooperation with institutions

  • Austrian Agricultural Cluster.
  • Embassy of Austria – agricultural attaché.
  • Embassy of the Netherlands – department of Agriculture.
  • Embassy of Spain – trade and economic department.

These partners contributed activities of KLUB 100P plus by organizing visits of firms and farms, visit of experts from their countries, supporting publications and events and financial support.

Future vision and mission

The members are informed about United Nations Organization 17 goals of sustainable development (2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals) SDG, and role of agriculture. Key words of future is Sustainable Agriculture. This term includes not only environmental aspect, but economic and social.

Member are well informed about in European Union proclaimed bioeconomy, and circular bioeconomy. Development of European Green Deal will be followed as well. Novelty is that biomass, including agricultural biomass, will be used for non-food products. This opens new chances for agriculture.

On national lever has been developed RIS3, Research and Innovation for Smart Specialization Strategy. In this is as one of priorities included agriculture and food industry.

How to achieve this

It is important to underline that generator of business success, and obtaining of sustainability, is development of new innovative technologies, products and services. The important role to obtain Agriculture 4.0 is digitalization, i.e. wide application of information and communication technologies. To reach this, agriculture should cooperate with R&D institution, which are already member of the Cluster. The Open Innovation will be apply as a cooperation model.

Cluster will work on diverse services aimed to support placement of agricultural and agro-food products, especially by internationalization of business.